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SMS support
Facebook API?
use Ticketfrei for racial profiling
what do people actually want to know when they listen to the talk?
In which order we have to tell them?
show more what is actually there
* version 1.0, how do people use it
* how does the website look like?
* how can I set up my own?
-> more interesting than the theoretical considerations
add telegram support


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{ b3yond \\
{ b3yond \& ph4nt \\
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\item<1-> Public Transport should be paid for by the public
\item<1-> Save costs for everyone:
\item<1-> No vending machines, no repairment
\item<1-> No vending machines, no maintenance
\item<1-> No ticket controllers
\item<1-> Less administration costs
\item<1-> No privatized earnings from a monopoly/infrastructure
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\item<1-> Barriers for usage are one problem, participation is the other
\item<1-> Infrastructure defines our lives
\item<1-> Democratic participation in infrastructure against private monopolies
\item<1-> Democratic participation in infrastructure vs. private monopolies
\item<1-> Ticketfrei does not do this, this is only accomplished by e.g. Freifunk
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\item We saw it work in Berlin \& Hamburg, but their code was not open source.
\item 2 people sat down for a day and wrote 80\%
\item The other 20\% were written the next months (you know how it is)
\item It's still on Github: \url{}
\item Contribute on the multi-deployment branch!
\item Later we added a web interface so you can register a bot for your city
\item<2-> It's on Github: \url{}
\item<2-> You can contribute on the multi-deployment branch!
\subsection{Development Roadmap}
\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei-Bot}{Development Roadmap}
\section{Ticketfrei 2.0}
\subsection{Ticketfrei in my city}
\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei Bot}{How can I bring Ticketfrei to my city?}
\item<1-> We want to make it easier to install Ticketfrei in other cities
\item<1-> With a Webinterface people can install a bot via a fancy GUI, without needing a server and command line skills
\item<2-> So they can focus on the promotion instead on the technical side
\item<2-> The Repository contains drafts for promotion material, which you can adjust: \url{}
\item<2-> The website is here: \url{} (staging environment)
\item<1-> The new web interface makes it easier to install Ticketfrei in other cities
\item<1-> Now you can create a bot on our website, without needing a server and command line skills
\item<1-> You can focus on the promotion instead of the technical side
\item<1-> The Repository contains drafts for promotion material, which you can adjust: \url{}
\item<1-> The website is here: \url{} (Beta)
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\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei Bot}{Step-by-Step}
\item Create an Account at
\item E-Mail-Adress, City, Password
\item Add Social-Media accounts to your Ticketfrei account
\item Change the text onürnberg
\item Promote the use of the bot in your city
\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei Bot}{Step-by-Step}
\begin{block}{{Add Twitter}}
\item Register a twitter account
\item Click on "Login with Twitter" in the settings
\item Log in to the twitter account of the bot
\item Authorize the Ticketfrei app
\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei Bot}{Step-by-Step}
\begin{block}{{Add Mastodon}}
\item Register a mastodon account
\item Enter the account's e-mail address, the password, and the mastodon server to the settings
\item Click on "Log in"
\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei Bot}{Step-by-Step}
\begin{block}{{Add Telegram}}
\item Write to @botfather on Telegram to register a Telegram Bot
\item Enter the API key which @botfather gives to you into the settings
\item Click on "Login with Telegram"
\begin{frame}{The Ticketfrei Bot}{Promotion}
\item Leaflets in the local leftist scene, with more radical message
\item Leaflets for the public, which explains goals and talks about the environment, but also explains the bot
\item Example Leaflets are available in the GitHub-Repository at \url{}
\item<2-> Aktionsschwarzfahren is a good way to both spread leaflets and dodge the fare legally
\item<3-> With enough public attention you can try to start a referendum or bring the topics to political parties for policy making
\item<4-> Studies about the practicability and cost effectiveness of ticket-free public transport in your area are also useful
\subsection{Cybernetics and Surveillance}



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