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Things to do before traveling

🎒 Things to pack


Payment stuff

When using ATMs/Cash Machines/Bankomaten/Geldautomaten give them a good wiggle before inserting your card. During 32C3 a Skimmer device had been found at an ATM at Bahnhof Dammtor. This is just a reminder, you should do that every time you use your card.


Personal hygiene



Come as you are, as a friend.


Label ALL your gear in a consistent manner. (Twitter handle and DECT numbers have proven to be working well.) In case something gets lost it can find its way back to you.

Power and Chargers

Laptop and Devices

Wireless and HF

Cables and Adapters (Dongles)

You'll forget at least one anyway, so don't worry. Bring a spare to help out friends!

Networking (wired and wireless)
  • [-] Aux-Kabel

Mobile and Communications



PowerOn/BIOS/EFI Password


It is not recommended to connect your smartphone to the congress wifi -- [ ] if you still can't resist, here are a few things to consider:

If you are unsure if there are still some services transmitting plaintext data, do not connect.