A small game in python2.
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Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting is supposed to be a small game. Originally it was played in school by a few bored teenagers, with pen and paper - but we want to bring it on screen! This is actually the 5th edition of Treasure Hunting, but the second to be realized digitally. A new version was started, because this one will be in python2. It is not yet decided, which engine will be used.


In the world of Treasure Hunting, vampires, werewolves, angels, and several other supernatural entities (SUPs) were living among humans undetected. Since their detection through a recommended scientist with peaceful intentions, their status is complicated. Racist groups are afraid of them and convinced most states to hunt SUPs down and kill them all. But that is not the fate of most SUPs - usually they are used by corporations and other militant groups as effective mercenaries or for research purposes. You are playing one of these soldiers, and are deciding their fate in a world full of corporate interests, racist hostilities and violence.


This is a new approach, so not all old data and mechanics are used. For these, visit https://github.com/compl4xx/TreasureHunting There is this data:

notes: these are text files which explain the game and define some of its core mechanics and game data.

  • Notizen.txt: Game mechanics, to do list, function flow stuff.
  • Magic.txt: Concept of the magic language. code: here is the folder for the .py files.
  • __init.py__: empty but important file.
  • game.py: main code file. here is the game flow.
  • items.py: file for the item object data.
  • enemies.py: file for the enemy object data.
  • augmentations.py: file for the augmentation functions.
  • editor.py: program to create missions, items, enemies. images: here are all of the game graphics.
  • characters: graphics of humanoid characters
  • fields: graphics of surroundings
  • guns, swords: item graphics
  • panels: old panel graphics (750x300 window
  • panels2: current panel graphics (800x600 window)
  • races: race logos missions: mission files saves: save files resources: here are enemies, guns and swords saved.

Setting up

apt install libsdl2-dev apt install python apt install pypy Treasure Hunting runs with PySDL2. Install it: https://pysdl2.readthedocs.io/en/rel_0_9_4/install.html