Unsere Website, generiert mit hugo. https://0x90.space
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Setup development environment

git clone http://git.links-tech.org/0x90/0x90.space.git

cd 0x90.space/

hugo server


Assuming you are in the root directory of this repository, and you have cloned https://git.links-tech.org/0x90/0x90-ansible next to this repository, you can deploy the website with:

# build website
cd ../0x90-ansible/
# create ssh_config (only necessary once)
ansible-playbook -i inventory -t init site.yml
# add key (only necessary once)
ssh-add id_ed25519
# copy website to server
scp -F ssh_config -r ../0x90.space/public/* www:/var/www/0x90.space


We use the Cupper Theme. Documentation is there.